Poached Pear Tarte Tatin,
Cream, Salted Caramel Sauce 7.5 Can be Vegan

Dark Chocolate Orange Pot, Candied Peel & Blood Orange Sorbet 7

Spiced Carrot Cake, Ginger Sorbet and Candid Walnuts 6.5 Vegan

Selection of Cheeses with Grapes, Crackers and Chutney
Three Cheeses 7.50             Five Cheeses 10

Kickass & Charcoal Cheddar, Sparkenhoe Blue,
Lincolnshire Poacher Double Barrel, White Vintage Fox,
Wensleydale with Apricot, Montagnolo Affine

Sorbet Selection of Three 4

Blackberry, Blood Orange, Cucumber & Mint,
Ginger, Mango, Lemon

Ice Cream Selection of Three 4

Chocolate, Coffee, Mint Choc Chip,
Strawberry, Vanilla, White Chocolate

Petits Fours Selection 5

Almond Brittle, Chocolate Ganache, Lemon & Thyme Biscotti