We’re Stirring the engines for April into May

From April 15th

Opening of the Champagne Bar outside courtyard.
Bar Menus & Drink lists are available ~ Click here!
Hoping Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Table service only.
Bookings are a maximum of 4 guests.
Holding some tables for on~the~day walk by availability.
With COVID-19 Wellbeing Guidelines in place

Having adjusted to Covid-19 (like all), we also had the opportunity to step back and review our service. Some changes are being made and believe it will improve our service to you our customers; we’ll be updating our website soon.

Clearly we’er awaiting firm confirmation as we navigate the best way forward.

Will lock-down be lifted totally in June? Could Leicester and other places still be placed in local restrictions again? Dare you plan your wedding or party just yet! Will guests venture out into large gathering, to mix & mingle?


Total venue opening Tuesday to Saturday

We are a large airy venue with great ventilation and space to manoeuvre which helps for peace of mind and an enjoyable, relaxing visit to us.
Maximum of 6 for bookings for the time being
With COVID-19 Wellbeing Guidelines in place

We’ll be updating/confirming all soon.

Clearly please don’t hesitate to contact us if needs.
Warm Regards

We’re sharing ‘Case’ memories from our past.

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