33 years ago we flung our doors open.
And we’ve just had to close them. For the very last time.

Since 1990, we’ve had a blast.
But we’ve had some tough times too.

Along the way, we’ve created and served fine seasonal dishes to some truly wonderful customers.
We’ve worked with incredibly talented people in the kitchen and front of house.
Our suppliers have been a joy.

Together, we’ve laughed, quaffed, danced, cried and celebrated.
We’ve remained gloriously independent throughout.
Throughout recessions, a pandemic and mind-numbingly short-sighted decisions from Leicester City Council, we stayed true to our values.

We’ve worked unbelievably hard. Because it’s been our life blood. Our passion. Our love.
We set the benchmark.
Alas, we have no more to give.

Ultimately, none of this journey would have been possible without you.
You know who you all are.

We rest our case.
We rest The Case.

Take care my friends, thank you for the ride.

David x